Our New Site!

Yes, we’re happy about this! We here at EastSide Code are glad to announce our new site! We’ve been impatiently waiting to share how awesome we are to the world. Yes, our egos are huge for a reason — Our Clients Love Us!

Time and time again, people are looking for a website and then come to us with some past experiences with other agencies and freelancers that we find shocking. We pride ourselves in quality work for down-do-earth prices!

Our team comes from different areas in this digital industry, and we only have the best of the best in each area. eCommerce, iPhone & Android, Graphics, Marketing — here come the gurus, the best of the best.

This site isn’t just for you to find us, it’s for you to find what EastSide code is all about. It’s not just a company — it’s a way of development that is rare. Each of us has worked for some of the top full-service agencies in the New York area, and guess what? We take all the best practices and put it together into our process, for you!

So come join our community, explore. Finally, freedom to learn from the top people in the area in an honest environment, where our communication and pricing actually make sense!

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